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Insurance is protection against unexpected events. Insurance industries offer a wide range of plans to protect the policy owner from major financial losses due to unexpected events. Denikings Insurance...


Investment is a strategy where everyone wants their money to grow more than the inflation. That investment growth will help them one day, especially after retirement, when there is no income from any existing sources. Everyone has to invest their hard earn money based on their timelines, needs, knowledge, risks and objectives.


Investing in an estate or your own commercial business is a dream for most. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or are looking for a house to better suit your needs let Denikings Insurance & Investment Broker make your dream...

who we are?

Regardless of the level or type of insurance, investment or mortgage you're looking for in Ontario. Denikings Insurance & Investment Broker is ready to help. We're committed to excellent customer service and we want you to feel comfortable with our work. Your satisfaction is our priority.
Find out where you are on your financial path. We offer 5-step financial planning

  • Risk Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Wealth Creation
  • Estate Planning

We also offer: Travel Insurance, Employee Group Benefits Plan and Solutions for Business Owners.

We pay attention to every detail and can easily explain the terminology in an understandable way so you'll know exactly what you're getting. No matter your current situation, we'll work hard to help you find a policy that fits your budget.
At Denikings Insurance & Investment Broker, we understand that the right insurance plan can provide great peace of mind therefore; we make our services as accessible as possible. To set up an appointment with us or to learn more about what our services, contact us today.

Disclaimer: Insurance, Investment and Mortgage products & services are provided by Devangkumar Shah.
Mutual Funds license sponsored by Shah Financial Planning Inc.
Lotus Loans and Mortgage ltd. is the principle mortgage broker.

Your Benefits

  • One stop solution of all your financial needs.
  • Experienced and trusted advisor services.
  • We represent a wide variety of known insurance companies, mutual fund* companies and banks. Therefore we can shop for the best deal for you through all the companies. (*Mutual funds are sold through a Mutual Fund dealer, Shah Financial Planning Inc.)
  • We work with team of advisors, accountant and lawyer*** and can satisfy various needs.
    ***More details on “Our Team” page.
  • Just phone call away. Available 365 days.
  • Licensed advisors of LLQP, MUTUAL FUND* and MORTGAGE**, providing services in Ontario. Also a licensed advisor of LLQP in Alberta.
    *Shah Financial Planning Inc. is our mutual fund dealer.
    **Lotus Loans and Mortgage ltd. is our principle mortgage broker.
  • True advice, quick response and life time relationships is our motto.