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Devang Shah

B.E Electrical, LLQP, Mutual Fund Licence Advisor, Mortgage Agent Licence# M11001677

After graduating with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineer from India in 1989, he was worked for the state hydro company (GEB) for 12 years. He has dealt with many customers everyday. Client satisfaction was his top priority in his career view. He was always ready to face any emergency situation whether it was for his customers or for his co-workers. In 1998, He started to work part-time as an Insurance Agent to sell Mediclaim and accidental insurance policies. His intention was to join this career to explore his marketing skills and to educate the people about Mediclaim and accidental insurance. It is similar to the current Canadian Health and Dental Plan. He was enjoying that part-time work more than his engineering profession. Every time he sold a product to a client, he felt satisfaction and content that he was doing virtuous work by educating and protecting his friends and relatives against any future unexpected health dangers. In those days, medical expenses were much more affordable compared to today. The consequence of raising awareness back then resulted in their safe and secure present life because now they are insured against any medical expenses. They are now thankful that they bought insurance from Devang to help support them with big medical expenses when they get sick.

Devang immigrated to Canada in 2002. When he arrived to Canada, on very first day, he had decided not to work for any one. He wanted to be an entrepreneur but without money and experience it was not possible to do any business without making a big investment. He previous knowledge of the insurance industries is that it is a service-oriented business. Therefore, he can work in that business without any major investment. He started survival jobs in order to sustain his family. In 2003, he passed the LLQP and joined Clarica – Sunlife as a financial advisor. In 2004, Devang left Sunlife and joined Allied Financial as an insurance broker. Then from 2005 till now, he has been working with Hub Financial Inc. as an Account General Agency (AGA) and opened his own company, Denikings Insurance and Investment Broker. Devang took a mutual fund licence in 2006 to increase range of product and choice to his client to help them access more services without greater hassle. Currently he is working with Shah Financial Planning Inc. and is planning to get his mutual fund business going. In 2011, Devang got a mortgage agent licence to give full financial support to his client. Lotus Loan and Mortgage ltd. is his mortgage broker. Since 2006, he has earned a LLQP licence to work in Alberta. He has large client base throughout Edmonton, Calgary and Fort McMurray. Devang has served as a volunteer in the position of Secretary of the Jain society of Toronto Inc. from 2010 – 2012 and as a Vice President from 2012 – 2014. He continues to take part in volunteer work for the community.

For the 13 years of his journey through the financial business, his large cliental has been fully satisfied with his work. He has never had any complaints or conflicts with any clients. He is always available on the phone and he works with a wide range of lawyers, accountants and advisors.

“True advice, quick service and lifetime relation” is his business motto.

We do research and shop around for our client’s to make sure that they can get best rate and service from our partner companies. We value our client’s trust. We never missed an opportunities to resolve any concern of our clients.

Disclaimer: Insurance, Investment and Mortgage products & services are provided by Devangkumar Shah.
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Lotus Loans and Mortgage ltd. is the principle mortgage broker.