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Investment – Why Invest With Us?

Mutual Funds

All Investments are not created equal. Investor’s who took great chances with risky financial investments resulted suffering great losses during the recent economic crisis. Investors are now turning towards an old financial standard which is robust and low-risk growth: Mutual Funds.

A Wise Choice

At Denikings Insurance & Investment Broker in Toronto, ON, we understand that everyone is different. Your financial goals are personal, and finding the right investment fit can be a complicated business. We are dedicated mutual fund professionals, committed to helping you create the perfect investment plan. When you work with us, you can count on:

  • Dedicated financial services professionals with an impressive understanding of the market
  • A wide selection of mutual fund products
  • Investment options to address your short-term and long-term needs

Are mutual fund investments right for you? Call Denikings Insurance & Investment Broker today to discuss your financial goals and learn more.

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What is a “segregated” fund?

A segregated fund is a fund held by an insurance company, in which the pool of funds are kept separate from the other insurance company assets; therefore segregated. They are commonly known as “seg funds”.

Mutual fund companies have mutual funds and insurance companies have seg funds. The fundamental idea behind both funds is the same: potential investment growth for clients.

Like all funds, there is a vast variety of seg funds to suit all types of clients. Like all investments, seg funds fall into different categories based on different risk levels.

Unlike mutual funds, seg funds are designed as insurance contracts. This allows seg funds to offer benefits that mutual funds cannot.

Firstly – seg funds can offer principal guarantees from 75% – 100%. This enables you to participate in the growth potential of the market without worrying about any downturn! That is called “a maturity value guarantee.” It helps protects your investment in all markets.

Secondly – they offer you a death benefit guarantee. Your beneficiaries will receive 100% of your net deposits or the market value of your seg fund – whichever one is greater and bypass probate fees. Probate fees can be as expensive as up to 6% of your investment value.

Thirdly – you can lock in your profits with the “reset” feature. If the market value of your segregated fund investments grew to become higher than your net deposits, you can use the “reset” feature and change your maturity and death benefit guarantees based on the new higher value.

Lastly – if you had named your spouse, child, parent or grandchild as the beneficiary of your contract or if you name an irrevocable beneficiary (a beneficiary that cannot be changed), your seg fund investment may be protected from creditors. This varies from province to province.

These are many strong reasons to look at seg funds as a Retirement Solution for your investment dollars.

What is a GIC?

GICs (Guaranteed Income Certificates) are investments that are guaranteed to preserve your principal. You investment always earns interest at a fixed of variable rate. They serve well as the foundation of a well-balanced portfolio.

Benefits of a GIC:

  • Security and safety—you are guaranteed to get your original investment and interest payments
  • Competitive interest rates—guaranteed rates for the full term of the investment
  • Flexible investment terms—terms range from 1-5, 7 and 10 years.
  • You have the choice to choose payment terms (I.e. monthly, yearly)
  • Eligible for registered investment plans

Three Types for Greater Flexibility

  • Guaranteed-return GICsguarantee that your principle will grow as planned.
  • Interest rate-linked GICshelp you benefit from any increase in interest rates without moving or adjusting your previous investments.
  • RBC MarketSmart™ GICsoffers you the growth potential of equity markets by connecting to one or more indices. Your principal is guaranteed, while the return is dependent on the performance of the underlying investment. Some of these GICs may offer a guaranteed minimum rate of return.


1) Benefits listed above are not applicable for all types of GICs.
2) The level of return on the RBC MarketSmart™ GICs is not guaranteed although some of these GICs may offer a guaranteed minimum return.
3) These RBC MarketSmart™ GICs do not pay you regular interest income or provide a guaranteed rate of return. It is possible that there may be no return. For full product details, including how the variable return is calculated, please refer to the relevant GIC listed on this page, visit your nearest RBC branch or call 1-800-769-2511.

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