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Business Insurance

Running a successful business in today’s world takes courage, skill and resourcefulness. I’d like to congratulate all business owners for having what it takes to run a successful business. To set up any business, it requires a lot of hard work. To run a business in the long term and transfer it to the heirs needs proper financial planning.

Every business owners must have a plan for any catastrophic events such as death, disability and critical illness, which may come without any warning. If they do not plan for the unexpected, it would be big disaster for their business and for their surviving family members. 

We have launched new services for our firm’s business clients. The plans that we develop and recommend are based upon the latest tax strategies to minimize risks and tax burdens faced by businesses. We provide specialized services to our client, which includes strategic solutions to keep the business running and to transfer the business to the heirs or partner in the case of any unexpected events.

There are many situations where life, critical or disability insurance can cover the business’ needs following an individual’s death, critical illness or disability. The funding covers the following needs:

Business Insurance

Whether your business is individually owned (self employed), partnership owned, a private corporation or a public corporation, you must plan for unexpected events. Call Denikings Insurance and Investment Broker to set up a meeting to learn how the above tools can benefit your business.

Watch the following video about business insurance

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